Monthly Archives : May 2014

#NipponDisey – where I stayed in Japan

On the Go tours managed my itinerary while I was in Japan, including where I stayed. I would travel with them again in a heartbeat. I had the flexibility of travelling independently without the drudgery of having to organise domestic transport and accommodation, and I had someone on the ground in Japan if I got into trouble. The standard of…

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Osaka – my final fling

After having a lazy day yesterday, I vowed to be more active today, mainly because it’s my last day in Japan AND I had IC Card credit that needed to be used before going home. I’m on my last ¥1000 ($10) or so, and I set myself a target to go to only free things today, because I don’t want…

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Last stop: Osaka

What a throbbing mass of vibrant hustle and bustle the city of Osaka is! It heaves and spews people out of its subways and stations and shopping strips like a dragon breathes out fire. And amid it all, I wander alone and at peace, but somehow connected to this thriving metropolis, knowing that I’ve really only just barely scratched the…

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