About Travelling Homebody

About Travelling Homebody

The Travelling Homebody story

My name is Diane Lee and I’m the Travelling Homebody. I call myself a travelling homebody because, well, I’m a homebody who likes to travel. I’m what is called an introverted extrovert — I like the company of others, but enjoy my own company and need time alone to recharge. In fact, I prefer travelling alone and slow travel. I’m a bit of a nanna when I travel.

When I’m not travelling slow and solo, I’m a travel blogger, travel writer, ghost writer and travel photographer based in Hanoi, Vietnam, where I also have a small marketing company. I’m originally from in Adelaide, South Australia.

My first trip was alone

After raising my daughter on my own, I started travelling internationally in 2010, with my first overseas trip at 47 years of age. That trip was to Vietnam, which I did solo, albeit on a group tour. As an aside, I rarely travel with groups these days, preferring the time and space to do my own thing, on my own terms, in my own way.

Solo and slow travel is definitely my preferred way to explore new destinations.

I now travel regularly, particularly in Asia because it’s so accessible from Hanoi and I still have so much of the world to see.

How I can help you

This website tells stories about my travel experiences, and provides information and advice for those who prefer traveling alone and slow travel — even if you are going overseas for the first time. It’s not that scary — trust me!

If you are new to international travel, go to my Travel Resources page.

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