Catching my breath in Goa

IMG_4500After a couple of days of hard travel (all day bus from Jaipur to Kota, followed by overnight train from Kota to Mumbai, and then a very, very, VERY early train from Mumbai to Goa), I arrived in Goa, exhausted.

We are staying in Panjim, north of Goa. It’s a pretty spot, heavy with Portuguese influence—from the architecture to religion to afternoon siestas. The market is close to the hotel; on our orientation last night, I even spied a little supermarket, which haven’t seen yet in India.

To my delight, the tour has factored in the two nights in Goa as free—so I can do exactly what I want. I’m using it to sleep in, catch up on my washing and to just generally chill. My stomach was a bit crampy yesterday—I don’t know why—so I took a probiotic to up my gut flora. It seems to be ok today. I haven’t been hungry at night because I’ve been eating late lunches—I’m down to a couple of meals a day. I don’t want to eat just for the sake of it.

When I came on this trip, I brought my running gear because I assumed I’d be able to run. It just hasn’t happened for a number of reasons, but mainly because there is nowhere *to* run. Some places have no footpaths, or the footpaths are too crowded, or I’d get harassed by hawkers, or the hotels didn’t have gyms, or if the did, they were closed for maintenance. So I’m posting my running gear back home today, along with other items I don’t need, like warm weather gear. Now that I am heading to the south of India, warm clothes aren’t necessary.

And of all the strange things, I’m having a job interview by phone today. I am completely unprepared for it. I haven’t thought about work for weeks, so to shift back into that mode will require a huge effort on my part.

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