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Another gorgeous photo taken by the Travelling Homebody, Diane Lee.

Serenity, Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam was the first country I ever travelled to and it has a special place in me heart, just like a first love. I was a terrible photographer back then, but this is one of my better pictures. Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places on earth… Contact me if you’d like to purchase this photo.

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break up in bali

A break up in Bali

Just a holiday fling? I arrived back in Bali full of expectations. I had met Made while I was here in November, and we hit it off immediately. Or so I thought. Y’all know the story of how we met, so I’ll just give you a little reminder: he was the airport driver sent by my hotel to pick me up from…

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bali highlights

Bali highlights and lowlights #BaliDisey

After the end of every trip I do summary of sorts of my experiences—what I loved, what I didn’t, what I’d do differently. That sort of thing. Here are my Bali highlights and lowlights: Bali Highlights Meeting Made on Day 1. In the three(ish) weeks we spent in each other’s company, he gave me access to a Bali I would…

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Virgin Australia Airlines

F*ck you, Virgin Australia! You suck!

Add Virgin to the list of airlines that I will never fly internationally with again. After having my flight out of Bali cancelled twice, I have to say that Virgin is now up there with Qantas in terms of a pretty awful customer experience and (from where I sit) it’s because they have no process for dealing with flying out…

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sunset in bali travelling homebody

Sanur – my final stop #BaliDisey

After my retreat, I’d organised to stay in Sanur for another eight days. I’m glad I did because I wasn’t ready to leave Bali. Not by a long shot. I was hoping to get more of my novel written during this time… well, that was the plan, anyway. Of course, that plan went the way of the wind because I…

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Sharing Bali writers retreat

My “Write a Bestseller” Retreat @ Sharing Bali

The whole reason I came to Bali—Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and holiday romance aside—was to attend Jacq Burns’ five-day Writer a Bestseller retreat at Karen Willis’s Sharing Bali in Singaparang Village, in the north of the island. The retreat first came to my attention on Facebook, in a group I’m in. The price was excellent and included the retreat,…

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Last day in Ubud #BaliDisey

Made had his driver hat on today, but it was kind of like mixing business with pleasure. I was being taken to key spots around Ubud. We started off with suckling pig (babi guling) for lunch, followed by The Elephant Keep, followed by the Water Temple, followed by more tea tasting with a gorgeous view of ravines and rice terraces.…

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kintamini bali

Ubud and a man with a plan #BaliDisey

After the Ubud Writers Festival finished for the day, I rang Made and asked him to come and get me: he had said after he dropped me off on Thursday night just to call if I needed a ride, so I did. I was in two minds about it though, because in the cold hard, light of day, I was…

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Ubud Readers Writers Festival

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

I haven’t come to Bali for the Writers Festival, but it was on before my retreat, so it made sense to spend at least one day there. The tickets were quite pricey ($400 for a four day pass, $120 for a one day pass), so I was expecting a lot. Maybe it was the sessions that I went to, but…

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Ubud – the next 48 hours #BaliDisey

After Tanah Lot, Made dropped me back to the Sens so I could have a shower and freshen up. A half an hour later, I was astride his motorcycle, sans helmet, careening through the streets of Ubud. All I can say is that my time hanging out with semi-biker dudes in the 80s has paid off. I was balanced, poised…

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bali highlights

Ubud – the first 48 hours #BaliDisey

I had woken early—at around 6.30 am—so with the time difference, had only a few hours sleep. Still, I’ve never let lack of sleep stop me from having a wander around and getting my bearings. Plus I wanted to venture up to Taman Baca, where the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival was being held. Coincidentally, the Festival was on at almost…

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The trip from the Denpasar Airport to Ubud #BaliDisey

I had booked a transfer from Denpasar airport to my hotel in Ubud, but I couldn’t see my name when I exited customs. I panicked slowly, knowing that it was probably a Bali time thing—probably similar to India—and I was taken to the airport information desk by a man in his early 50s wearing a red Hawaiian shirt and a broad…

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An unpolished Virgin #BaliDisey

I’m a Singapore Airlines girl. Have been since I flew Qantas to China in 2011 and the fiasco wrapped in a debacle that that turned out to be. I vowed that I would rather stick forks in my eyes than fly with Qantas internationally. So I switched to Singapore and they have never failed me. But flying Bali with Singapore wasn’t…

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My second overseas trip this year is to…

Bali. I must say that Bali is not somewhere that’s been on my radar. I know people who go there love it (and I have friends that certainly do), but there are other, more deserving places to visit. Or so I thought. But now that I’ve gotten serious about my writing, I stumbled on a writer’s retreat that’s happening there. So…

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mysore palace india

India: trip highlights and lowlights

At the end of every trip, I like to do a highlights and lowlights summary. I have to say that India is up there with one of my favourite trips of all time (along with Vietnam, Italy, Greece and the former Yugoslavia). I would love to go back again, and take my time so that I can  really immerse myself in this…

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