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These are the things I liked and didn't like about using Airbnb.

3 things I liked about using Airbnb

Following on from my post a while back about what I didn’t like about using AirBnB, here’s what I did like about using the service. 1.  Filter according to budget One of the main things that is an AirBnB drawcard is price. Because listed accommodation is mostly privately owned, there aren’t the overheads associated with running a hotel e.g. staff and maintenance costs.…

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Virgin Australia Airlines

F*ck you, Virgin Australia! You suck!

Add Virgin to the list of airlines that I will never fly internationally with again. After having my flight out of Bali cancelled twice, I have to say that Virgin is now up there with Qantas in terms of a pretty awful customer experience and (from where I sit) it’s because they have no process for dealing with flying out…

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Sharing Bali writers retreat

My “Write a Bestseller” Retreat @ Sharing Bali

The whole reason I came to Bali—Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and holiday romance aside—was to attend Jacq Burns’ five-day Writer a Bestseller retreat at Karen Willis’s Sharing Bali in Singaparang Village, in the north of the island. The retreat first came to my attention on Facebook, in a group I’m in. The price was excellent and included the retreat,…

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Ubud Readers Writers Festival

The Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

I haven’t come to Bali for the Writers Festival, but it was on before my retreat, so it made sense to spend at least one day there. The tickets were quite pricey ($400 for a four day pass, $120 for a one day pass), so I was expecting a lot. Maybe it was the sessions that I went to, but…

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An unpolished Virgin #BaliDisey

I’m a Singapore Airlines girl. Have been since I flew Qantas to China in 2011 and the fiasco wrapped in a debacle that that turned out to be. I vowed that I would rather stick forks in my eyes than fly with Qantas internationally. So I switched to Singapore and they have never failed me. But flying Bali with Singapore wasn’t…

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Using the Indian Postal Service

Given that I don’t need my cool weather clothes because I’m now in the south of India, and I won’t be running, I decided to post these back items home. After all, why lug around extra kilograms of stuff that you(I) don’t need? So Indira (my lovely guide) took me to the post office in Goa. It was a very…

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