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There are 101 uses for a sarong. Find out about a few of them on Travelling Homebody.

Travel tips: 101 uses for a sarong

Travel tips: 101 uses for sarong Recently, I shared a video that showed you 10 easy, but different ways to tie a sarong.  It sparked a conversation about uses for a sarong other than as an item of clothing. And here they are — and they are awesome travel tips! Wrap your laptop I use mine to wrap my laptop…

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Another awesome travel tip from Travelling Homebody: use a transit hotel

Use a transit hotel #travel #tips

If you have a long stop-over, for example at Changi International Airport, Singapore, consider booking in at a transit hotel. You don’t need to leave the airport and you can have a shower, nap, swim, something to eat. At the very least, there are tea and coffee making facilities. You’ll arrive feeling much more refreshed. I always tend to stop…

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Another awesome travel tip from Travelling Homebody: socks rock!

Packing light tips – socks rock

I saw a video similar to this on Facebook the other day and tracked it down on YouTube. It’s an excellent of example of a packing light travel hack. Whoever thought of using socks to organise your packing is a genius. I might be tempted to trade in my packing cubes! Free packing list! I’ve done the work for you because this…

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These are the things I liked and didn't like about using Airbnb.

3 things I liked about using Airbnb

Following on from my post a while back about what I didn’t like about using AirBnB, here’s what I did like about using the service. 1.  Filter according to budget One of the main things that is an AirBnB drawcard is price. Because listed accommodation is mostly privately owned, there aren’t the overheads associated with running a hotel e.g. staff and maintenance costs.…

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Another awesome tip from Travelling Homebody: trust your instincts!

Always trust your gut #travel #tips

Always, always, always trust what your gut tells you. It knows better than you, and gets you away from sticky situations. Pick being stuck somewhere unpleasant in the beating hot sun over going along with someone you don’t trust. Choose to move on rather than stay put—despite finances!—if that’s what the gut tells you to do. Follow your gut always.…

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Find out why you should never travel without a properly stocked travel first aid kit.

Travelling without a first aid kit? Think again!

When I went to Bali in January of this year, I brought my travel first aid kit with me. It’s a kit I put together myself and contains items such as Hydralyte, Citravescent, Alka-Seltzer, Imodium, ibuprofen, paracetamol, Phenergan (10mg and 25mg), band aids, Compeeds, antiseptic cream and a broad spectrum antibiotic (I get a script from the GP and fill…

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Another awesome tip brought to you by Travelling Homebody.

Plugs and converters #travel #tips

Some people buy plug converters and some buy transformers. In today’s day and age, most of our electronics have adaptive charging, meaning they can accept inputs of 100-240 volts. For this reason, I have a set of 5 converters only (cost me $10 on Amazon) that covers the whole world. No transformers necessary! Dannie Fountain  Get more awesome tips when…

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Another awesome travel tip brought to you by Travelling Homebody... free accommodation!

House sitting for zero accommodation costs #traveltips

I’ve travelled non-stop for the past year with zero accommodation cost by house sitting! Amanda Connolly Get more awesome tips when you download my free Departure & Arrival Guide! Free travel guide! Have you downloaded my Essential Tips for a Hassle-Free Departure and Arrival yet? This beautiful 7-page travel guide details just about everything I do to make sure the first leg…

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