From here to… Singapore and Thailand!

I went to Flight Centre (Leigh Street) today just to get a brochure, and came out with a practically booked trip!  Susan (the consultant) was very helpful, and while I will do my own research, I will go back and book through them.

Susan said that they would organise for someone to meet me at the airport to transport me to the hotel.  As a single person travelling, she said there was a lot to do and see, and my choices were ideal.

So Singapore it is!  For five days.  Then onto Phuket for another five days.  Although it may be the other way around, because the Singapore Grand Prix is just finishing when I arrive. It could be busy…!

Susan packaged it all up for me, and the total price is $3900.  This includes flights, accommodation (with breakfast!), transfers, travel insurance.  I think that’s actually pretty good.  It costs practically that much to go the Gold Coast for 10 days.

The accommodation suggestions were:

I’m going to check them out on TripAdvisor.

Oh, and no visa required.

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