Gorgeous Goa

IMG_4503I loved Goa, although Indira (our trusty guide) says that it is not India. It is touristy and Western and so very, very relaxed. We spent two nights here and it was a welcome change of pace. I needed to spend a day not doing very much at all, apart from a visit to the Post Office, a browse around the market and out for a fish dinner.

IMG_4514We had our dinner in a beach front restaurant just as the sun was setting. It was peaceful, beautiful, lovely. And yes, Goa is touristy and a tiny bit garish with neon lights and its souvenir shops, but it’s just gorgeous.
IMG_4521As an added bonus, there was a photography exhibition in part of the hotel where we stayed. The photography was just stunning—Sebastian Cortes was the photographer and the exhibition depicted elite Muslim women in their homes. The pictures were rich with colour and had clean, perfect lines and soft, subtle light. I would love to be able to make pictures like that.


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