Corfu is one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands... see why here!

How much do I love Corfu?

Corfu has got to be one of my most favourite spots in the Mediterranean so far. I say this knowing that I still have Turkey and Santorini to go, though.

The landscape is just so pretty: towering mountains protecting quaint villages; monasteries decorated with art from the Byzantine era; an old town boasting Venetian architecture (at least, that’s what I thought our guide said); and friendly locals keen to have a chat.

The ocean is a beautiful, clear turquoise in the shallows; and a liquid navy silk out in the deeper waters of the harbour. Travelling between villages, the island is relatively clear of rubbish and debris, although the ubiquitous Mediterranean graffiti hangs like a veil over bare surfaces.

And this tour more than made up for yesterday’s torture tour of Dubrovnik. Our guide was knowledgeable, charming and keen to tell us about her island. More importantly, she looked like she wanted to be with us (unlike yesterday’s guide who viewed us all as a terrible inconvenience).

Corfu is somewhere I would love to visit again, and spend some time here. It is just gorgeous.

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