I freaking love Singapore!

Having only ever transitted through Singapore on my way to somewhere else, I am delighted to be stopping for a number of days. And on my own. No tours or schedules, other than those I book or put myself on. Just me and my Singapore guide books, maps and apps.

The first thing I notice about Singapore – apart from the heat and humidity – is the air of calm. Like the airport, which would see thousands of people transition through yet you wouldn’t know they are there, the city is just like that. I walked to The Esplanade twice today, and no one rushed, no one hurried, no one seems phased. It’s a lovely atmosphere.

The second thing I notice is how clean and well kept the city is. And how modern and clean the architecture is. Things seemed to be planned and well thought out: buildings and underpasses, and public transport, and taxis. I feel incredibly calm here. And safe. Very safe. And it’s nice not to be hassled by vendors selling souvenir crap a lá Europe (and some parts of Asia).

On a friend’s recommendation I do plan to go to the “dirtier” parts of Singapore tomorrow: Little India, China and the like. Apparently there is a very interesting ex-red light district that is also checking out, just for some balance.

I look forward to discovering more of Singapore on my own, on my quest to be a much better independent traveller. And to free me up, I’m even thinking of leaving my camera behind and just snapping pics with my iPhone – after all, I intend coming back next year when I do my Asia trips…

Please share!


  • Rommie Corso October 14, 2013 at 12:44 AM

    Good for you Di, sounds great! I like having no plans when I travel, I end up seeing so much!

    • dileeshus October 14, 2013 at 1:01 AM

      This trip – where I took three back-to-back tours – has has made me realise that I need to be a much more independent traveller, Rom!

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