I really am a travelling homebody

I have settled into a bit of a routine on the ship, and it goes something like this:

7am – 7.45am – have breakfast (I have room service and my breakfast is usually delivered by a lovely Indonesian boy)
7.45am – 8.15am – get ready for day tour (shower, get dressed, pack day pack, check tour tickets, wallet, passport, camera batteries, water supplies, ship pass etc.)
8.15am – 8.20am – head to Vista Lounge and wait for tour
8.20am – 8.45am – board tour bus and depart for tour
8.45am – 12.30 – on tour for around 4 hours
12.30pm – 1pm – unload day bag in cabin, download pictures from camera to tablet and external hard drive
1.30pm – 2pm – forage for food (usually I head up to the Lido deck for the buffet)
2.30pm – 4pm – head back to cabin, grab tablet and book and take stairs up to Explortation Cafe, where I have a chai latte and type up blog posts (to be posted when I have access to FREE – or at least much cheaper! – wifi)
4pm – 5pm – go up to the gym and do a 3km run (I have found the treadmill boring, but bearable)
5pm – 5.30pm – head back to cabin and check any notices/invitations, decided whether I want to go out for dinner, and if not, order from room service OR head up to happy hour
5.30pm – 6.30pm – watch the news, chat to Ivan (my cabin steward) when he services my cabin, have dinner, order breakfast OR stay after happy hour for pub trivia
6.30pm – 8pm – watch more news, or catch the tail end of a movie OR go out to dinner with happy hour/trivia people
8pm – 10pm – have a couple of gin and tonics and watch a movie before going to sleep.

The lack of organised activities for young, single or solo people is a huge issue as far as I’m concerned. So is the fact that 90% of the demographic are geriatric, married Americans. Other passengers have commented that it’s not a lively ship. I’m pretty chatty and will sit with others (mostly couples) at lunch, but I am loathe to sit in a bar myself. I don’t do it at home, and I’m not going to do it here.

I will be doing a PMI (Plus Minus Interesting) of the cruise overall, so stay tuned for that post.

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