It’s all about the tour leader

Touring can be tough and tiring. There are a hotch potch of personalities and group dynamics to navigate; hotels that differ in size, facilities and comfort; historic sites that are (mostly) crowded and noisy. All this is made a whole lot easier to deal with when you have an excellent tour leader.

I have been mostly lucky with tour leaders. Ian, my tour leader from last year’s China trip was exceptional. Giuseppe, my tour leader from this trip is outstanding. He has amazing tolerance dealing with situations and people who would have tested Jesus Christ himself; he ensures that our bags are picked up and delivered to our rooms (he has a checklist); he gives ample information about our schedule so everyone knows what’s going on. On top of that he is a walking encyclopaedia on Italy. And he is always impeccably dressed (as is Luigi, our driver). And he has a wonderful, dry sense of humour.

As far as I’m concerned, I have seen some amazing, beautiful, awe-inspiring places, but it’s Giuseppe who has made this trip really special.

We all agreed that we loved that man.

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