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Ladies of the Flower Market, Hanoi

Back in September, I did a three-day film course. It was aimed at photographers, but I was the only photographer there. To cut a long story short it was terrible (so terrible that PayPal gave me a refund) but I did get out and about and shoot some film.

The Quang Ba Flower Market is a hive of activity from 2AM-4AM and is located close to my apartment — a two minute walk away. While I started filming late in the morning by Vietnamese standards — 7.30AM is considered late — there was enough still going on to make for an interesting short film, documentary style.

Please pay attention to the music. It’s by one of my favourite local bands Limebócx, which blends beatbox, hip-hop and rap with traditional music and literature. And how do I know about this band, I hear you ask? Tuan, who is the beatboxer in the band, is my Vietnamese teacher.

Feature image by me. And I have permission to use Limebócx’s music for this video.

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