Lightning stop in Ooty

OotyWe left Bandipur National Park for the city of Ooty, located high in the Nilgari Hills. The drive was stunning. Winding roads snaked through misty mountain peaks and through small villages buzzing with activity. Emerald tea plantations scaled up the sides of hills at impossible angles. Eucalypts were so plentiful I thought I was being driven through the Australian Blue Mountains.

It rained quite heavily when we arrived at our hotel; however, a number of us—including me—volunteered to venture out to visit the Botanic Gardens. And I’m so glad I did. Despite the damp, the gardens were beautiful and the air fresh. Indian families, couples on their honeymoon, school children and friendship groups made the stall around so very pleasant. All were welcoming and I was greeted frequently with a Hello! and a photo request, as in my taking their picture.

Then it was a browse around the nearby market, stopping to buy chocolate. Who knew Ooty was the chocolate capital of India?

Tomorrow it’s a long day travelling by bus and train to Kochin, where I have a three night stay before flying home. I have to say I have loved India and I wish I could stay longer.

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