Moved by gorgeous Greece

For some reason, I feel more connected to Greece than any place I have visited on this cruise thus far. Yesterday, I watched the sun set over the isle of Corfu as we sailed out of the port, and was incredibly moved by the moment. I admit I did shed a tear or two (not in a bad way) and was helped along by a passenger playing the bagpipes on the Observation Deck. It was one of those defining, wow moments in life.

Today I had a farm visit (in lieu of going to Olympia and apparently I didn’t miss much) and was thinking on the way that perhaps I’d made a mistake taking this tour. It didn’t look like it was going to amount to much. I was mistaken for thinking that because it was a delightful tour, and again I was moved. We sat down to beautiful, fresh produce lovingly prepared by our hosts, drank fabulous wine and ouzo, and then watched traditional Greek dancing. The atmosphere in that room was vibrant and alive, with people clapping in time to the music, and joining in the dance.

I always make up my mind where to visit next while I’m away, and I have decided I would like to come back and do Greece, Croatia and Turkey properly. I feel a strong affinity to this part of the Mediterranean, its people and its culture. I need to see what that’s about.

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