Oh, the things I’ve seen…

MumbaiIndia is crazy-amazing, full of crazy-amazing sights. This is a snapshot of the things I saw in my month-long sojourn there…

  • An elephant and a naked man walking along the same stretch of road in Delhi
  • Camels, horses and mules pulling carts
  • Cows, pigs and bulls walking around loose on main roads
  • Sheep, goats and camels being herded along highways
  • Buses being driven up the wrong side of the highway
  • A horse being ridden along the highway
  • Lots of foot traffic along the highway
  • Brightly dressed women carrying pots, sticks and cloth-wrapped bundles on the their heads
  • A motorcycle passenger dragging a large branch along a main road
  • Rows of cow pats drying in the sun
  • Pats of dried cow dung arranged in intricate piles, some carefully, some not
  • Men and boys bathing in open baths
  • Men stopping for a pee on the road
  • Vehicles, including trucks and tuk tuks, packed tight with people
  • Motorcycles overloaded to the point of insanity with goods
  • Buffaloes tied up outside dwellings
  • Snake charmers hypnotising cobras
  • Women reaping crops in the fields with scythes
  • A man being beaten up in Jaipur
  • Rubbish piled up everywhere – only a few cities and the major cultural sights were clean
  • Women sweeping the highway with long brushes
  • Families living on footpaths on mats under tarps
  • Hand-carts loaded with all sorts of goods being pushed and pulled through main streets in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai
  • Cows tied up in Mumbai so people could feed them—they aren’t allowed to roam loose
  • Brightly colored, tasseled and decorated trucks
  • People with all sorts of deformities, carrying their children and begging
  • Women and men washing clothes and pots and pans in rivers

And that wasn’t the half of it!

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