Pardon me?

I think I mentioned that there are mostly Americans on this tour. The majority come from New York: The Bronx, Long Island and upstate New York. Others are from Texas, Ohio, Connecticut and California.

The most annoying thing about having so many Americans on this tour is that most – but not all – just can’t understand a word I say. They either completely mishear me when I say ask a question, and respond with something totally unrelated to what I was asking. Or when they ask me something and I respond, they say “Pardon me?” or “I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?” or “What did you say?”. I get that ALOT.

The other couple of Australians have noticed the same thing. We were chatting about it amongst ourselves this morning, and an elderly American couple jokingly said that we were speaking in code. I suppose we were. But at least we could understand each other and have a normal conversation.

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