Partner with Travelling Homebody

Partner with me

Need a travel blogger for your brand or product?

You’ve come to the right place, particularly if your target audience is female solo travellers, who may or may not be travelling overseas on their own for the first time.

There are many ways we can work together:

  • Sponsored content
  • Product reviews (tours, day trips, flights, accommodations, travel products etc.)
  • Advertisements
  • Advertorials

You name it, I’ll consider it!

Why partner with Travelling Homebody?

I pride myself on honesty, so if I love your brand or product, I will sing its praises to the Universe. Right here. Right on this blog.

Alternatively, if I don’t like something, or have had a bad experience, I will also discuss that (hot tip: you don’t want to be Qantas. Or Virgin Airlines, But you do want to be Sharing Bali).

My readers trust me to deliver information that will help in their decisions and maintaining this trust through transparency is crucial to my brand.

If you think we’re a fit, contact me for a chat to discuss our options. Happy to Skype with you!


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