Pleasant Patmos

Arriving late in the afternoon, I wandered around Patmos for about an hour, taking pictures here and there. While it was not quite as picturesque as Santorini or Mykonos, it was not without its own unique charm. There were the same whitewashed buildings, the same shops hawking all manners of wares from shirts, hats and scarves to jewellery, postcards and ice cream. Motorcycles whizzed by at an alarming pace, and I sought solace in a local restaurant.

I stopped at the Sagittarius, which faced onto the tiny port and ordered a Fix beer, some saganaki with eggplant, tzatziki and bread. It was a simple meal, but delicious and filling, and a welcome change from the ship’s buffet. It was nice not to have to battle the “starving” hoards on the ship for food.

I would love to spend time in the Greek Islands, hopping from island to island at my own pace. It’s pretty easy to do, as ferries seem to run quite regularly between the larger islands. I must factor this into the planning for my 2015 trip to Europe.

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