Qantas tries to put things right

Readers of this blog will know that I had an awful time getting to China via Qantas. I was particularly vocal on Twitter about my experience when I returned, because I felt that what happened just wasn’t taken seriously. However, after a staging what I call a Squeaky Wheel Campaign, I was contacted by the Social Media Manager of Qantas Customer Care to assure me that I had been heard. Finally! After about six weeks!

What Qantas did was refund part of the out of pocket expenses* that I incurred as a result of the delayed flight and missed connections; drafted a letter to my Travel Insurance provider to progress my travel insurance claim; and gave me a flight upgrade voucher.

Covermore (my travel insurance provider), only covered a very small part of my claim because “the flight has not delayed more than 12 hours” so I was very unimpressed with them. I won’t use them again, because what’s the point of having travel insurance if not for these sorts of situations?

All in all, I still ended up being out of pocket around $500.

But at least Qantas tried. Would I fly with them again? Domestically, sure, because it’s not “high stakes” travel. But an internationally? No thanks. I’d rather fly with a company I’ve never flown with than risk another bad experience.

* but only around a quarter of what I had asked them to reimburse me for, because they passed it to travel insurance to pick up the tab.

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