Roaming around Rome

It’s lovely being back on land. The freedom to just wander round a strange city, exploring, can and should not be taken for granted.

This morning, I had brekkie in the restaurant with some of my tour people, who I met yesterday when I checked in. There is a retired Australian couple who are doing their first overseas trip, and they are pinching themselves that they are in Rome. That’s exactly how I felt when I went to Vietnam. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The hotel I am staying in is not as central as the first hotel I stayed in Rome, but the facilities are better(ish). There is room service (I had that last night and it was the worst tortellini I have ever tasted!) and a half decent breakfast on offer. Boiled eggs. Love my boiled eggs when overseas. The peach I had wasn’t the best, so I opted for what was clearly tinned pineapple. And a stale(ish) Danish. The tea was good, though, and there was lots of it.

Once I had finished my breakfast, I wandered up the Via Po and onto Via Salaria. And just kept wandering. Had a cappuccino at around 11am, and potato pizza around 1pm. Wandered back and stopped at a bar for the WC. Stumbled onto a market and bought bought bananas and a pair of cute tan shoes and a pair of stretchy camel pants for €20. Am in awe of how well people dress here. Even casual is dressy!

Tonight, I officially start my tour of Italy, with a welcome dinner. Rome to Florence, then Milan, over to the Lakes area, onto Venice and down to Naples, then back to Rome.

So glad I decided to stay on!

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