Santorini, I love thee

Taking a tender (shuttle boat) from the Noordam to the old port of Santorini, I must admit I thought: “What’s all the fuss about?”. I spent a day on the island and now I know. I also know a day is not nearly enough time to spend on Santorini. I have merely scratched the surface.

Santorini (named after Saint Irena) is the result of a volcanic explosion that left an ocean lagoon, surrounded by five islands. In towns like Thera and Oeia, houses are built into the pumice stone cliffs, layer upon layer, with meandering steps (some steep, some not) and alleys leading up and down between the dwellings. All the houses are white-washed, and their doors and windows painted different hues of blue, green, orange, pink and yellow. Some have swimming pools, some terraced with chairs and tables. Some are shops, restaurants and pubs, catering to the tourist trade.

It was a hot 27 degrees when I was there. I was taken to a beach with black sand, lined with rows of beach umbrellas made from palm fronds edging the Aegean sea. It is the end of tourist season, so there were only a few tourists were sunning themselves under the Mediterranean sun.

It was hot coming down from Thera; I opted for the steps (588 apparently) rather than the cable car (an hour wait) or donkey ride (I valued my life) and the journey took me around 20 minutes. The steps were slippery in parts (from donkey piss and poo) and it was quite a steep descent, but what an experience!

My photos say it best about this magical part of the world.

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