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On independent travelling

I’ve been travelling since 2010 and this is my first trip ever that I’ve done as a solo traveller. Previously, I’ve relied on group tours to get me around, and up until last year’s trip to Eastern Europe, I was content to be a relatively passive traveller. So what happened last year? This. Three bus tours back-to-back, packed full of…

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Corfu is one of the most beautiful of the Greek Islands... see why here!

How much do I love Corfu?

Corfu has got to be one of my most favourite spots in the Mediterranean so far. I say this knowing that I still have Turkey and Santorini to go, though. The landscape is just so pretty: towering mountains protecting quaint villages; monasteries decorated with art from the Byzantine era; an old town boasting Venetian architecture (at least, that’s what I…

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Takeoff in T minus three weeks

In less than three weeks, I’ll be leaving this sunburnt country of ours and flying out to Europe. I’ll be cruising the Mediterranean for three weeks, followed by a two week tour of Italy. Jealous much? This is my third overseas trip in as many years, and I must admit I am starting to feel quite the seasoned traveller. Airports,…

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