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Gorgeous Goa

I loved Goa, although Indira (our trusty guide) says that it is not India. It is touristy and Western and so very, very relaxed. We spent two nights here and it was a welcome change of pace. I needed to spend a day not doing very much at all, apart from a visit to the Post Office, a browse around…

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Using the Indian Postal Service

Given that I don’t need my cool weather clothes because I’m now in the south of India, and I won’t be running, I decided to post these back items home. After all, why lug around extra kilograms of stuff that you(I) don’t need? So Indira (my lovely guide) took me to the post office in Goa. It was a very…

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Catching my breath in Goa

After a couple of days of hard travel (all day bus from Jaipur to Kota, followed by overnight train from Kota to Mumbai, and then a very, very, VERY early train from Mumbai to Goa), I arrived in Goa, exhausted. We are staying in Panjim, north of Goa. It’s a pretty spot, heavy with Portuguese influence—from the architecture to religion…

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