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Bali highlights and lowlights #BaliDisey

After the end of every trip I do summary of sorts of my experiences—what I loved, what I didn’t, what I’d do differently. That sort of thing. Here are my Bali highlights and lowlights: Bali Highlights Meeting Made on Day 1. In the three(ish) weeks we spent in each other’s company, he gave me access to a Bali I would…

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mysore palace india

India: trip highlights and lowlights

At the end of every trip, I like to do a highlights and lowlights summary. I have to say that India is up there with one of my favourite trips of all time (along with Vietnam, Italy, Greece and the former Yugoslavia). I would love to go back again, and take my time so that I can  really immerse myself in this…

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China 2011: highlights and lowlights

This tour of China has been just go, go, go. I have had no time to write or process what has happened, what I’ve seen, or how I’ve felt about the whole experience. So I will just pick out the lowlights and the highlights. Lowlights The flight to get to Beijing – I’ve written about how awful that experience was,…

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