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Lunar New Year in Luang Prabang

Laid back Lunar New Year in Luang Prabang, Laos

Why did I visit Luang Prabang? Hanoi has not been kind to me for a while. For more than a week I’d been battling a slight cold (sneezing and ticklish throat) that morphed into a super shitty virus. No, it wasn’t the Novel Coronavirus, but someone did cough without covering their mouth as they walked past me at the gym…

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Ladies of the Flower Market Hanoi Vietnam - Travelling Homebody

Ladies of the Flower Market, Hanoi

Back in September, I did a three-day film course. It was aimed at photographers, but I was the only photographer there. To cut a long story short it was terrible (so terrible that PayPal gave me a refund) but I did get out and about and shoot some film. The Quang Ba Flower Market is a hive of activity from…

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Another gorgeous photo taken by the Travelling Homebody, Diane Lee.

Turkish Gentleman

One of my favourite things about travelling is photographing street scenes. I snapped this dapper gentlemen while I was wandering around a market somewhere in Turkey. If you would like to purchase this photo, contact me.

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mysore palace india

Magical Mysore

The south of India is so different from the north in the way it feels, I could be in two different countries. Outwardly, of course, the appearance is the same: crowded streets, rubbish strewn in piles, wandering cows. But how the south conducts itself seems different. The people are more relaxed and open. Most are friendly without agenda. The “Where…

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Roaming around Rome

It’s lovely being back on land. The freedom to just wander round a strange city, exploring, can and should not be taken for granted. This morning, I had brekkie in the restaurant with some of my tour people, who I met yesterday when I checked in. There is a retired Australian couple who are doing their first overseas trip, and…

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