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Travelling Homebody explores the night market in Mysore, India.

Photo essay: Mysore, India

Mysore, in the south of India, was one of the friendliest places I visited while I was there. I spent a couple of days exploring the area and it was a fascinating place. Ostentatious wealth juxtaposed against families living on footpaths under tarpaulins. The Night Markets, which feature heavily in this photo essay are wonderful, and should be on the list of things…

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mysore palace india

Magical Mysore

The south of India is so different from the north in the way it feels, I could be in two different countries. Outwardly, of course, the appearance is the same: crowded streets, rubbish strewn in piles, wandering cows. But how the south conducts itself seems different. The people are more relaxed and open. Most are friendly without agenda. The “Where…

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My last night on a sleeper train

Last night, we travelled from Goa to Bangalore on the overnight train. It was a 15 hour journey, but it’s amazing how quickly the time flew past, almost as fast as the palm trees and rice fields and the stations. I chatted with my fellow travellers for an hour or so, then, wanting to check out the scenery, I wandered…

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