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Sarajaveo has a beautiful vibe. See why in Travelling Homebody's photo essay.

Photo essay: Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

I was in Europe for six weeks in 2012, and more than eight weeks in 2013 (I’ll give you a hot tip: don’t do three back-to-back tours). One of my favourite places (apart from the usual suspects) was Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. It’s a city that has seen its fair share of war: it had a starring role in World…

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Seduced by Sarajevo

Whenever I travel, there is always one place that I feel especially connected to. It was Hue in Vietnam, Shanghai in China, and Assisi and Stresa in Italy. Who knew on this trip that it would be Sarajevo in Bosnia/Hercegovina? For some reason – only probably understandable on an intuitive level – I loved Sarajevo. I can’t pinpoint it, but…

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