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5 Reasons Why I Love Travelling Alone - Travelling Homebody

5 reasons why I love travelling alone

Apart from two trips — a short weekend trip to Dalat, Vietnam in 2017 and a longer one to Myanmar in 2018 — I have always travelled solo (apart from significant others, who don’t count). In 2010, when I initially started travelling, it was from necessity, but now travelling alone is my preferred way to travel. It was my trip…

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I really am a travelling homebody

I have settled into a bit of a routine on the ship, and it goes something like this: 7am – 7.45am – have breakfast (I have room service and my breakfast is usually delivered by a lovely Indonesian boy) 7.45am – 8.15am – get ready for day tour (shower, get dressed, pack day pack, check tour tickets, wallet, passport, camera…

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