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Travelling Homebody is living in Hanoi. Find out what the first three weeks have been like!

My first three weeks living in Hanoi

I have been living in Hanoi for just over three weeks, and it’s been crazy-amazing and challenging. I’ve found out things about myself that I didn’t think would apply here, because, well, I’m not in Australia. But I am me whether I am in Australia or Vietnam or the Antarctic—who knew?! Here’s what I’ve been up to (and not) since my…

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Land tour of Greece: highlights and lowlights

Well, the land part of my tour has all but finished. A two nighter in Athens, then I’m boarding the Louis Olympia for a four day cruise around the Greek Islands. Greece has been a welcome respite from Turkey, where I think I suffered from a case of “tour burnout“. Highlights Athens I love Athens. It greeted me with warm…

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How to deal with a Creepy Guy on tour

There may come a time when you need to avoid a Creepy Guy while on tour. You can spot him quite easily because he displays the following behaviours: > pays you just a little too much attention and compliments you just a little too insincerely; > remembers details of conversations you had days ago; > constantly and continually follows you…

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Greece: the journey so far

I arrived in Athens, tired and worn out from my tour of Turkey. I was over being on the road, being with people, the early starts, the getting in and out of buses, the whistle stop visits and the lightning quick stays, the Whispers, the food. I desperately needed to recharge in time for the next tour*. Athens I love…

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Turkey: the journey so far

I’m half way through my tour of Turkey. Today is a rest day – our driver is not allowed to drive on Sundays – so I’m swanning around a luxurious hotel in Antalya, catching up on things like washing, reading and blogging. The tour generally This tour – despite the earlier rockier start with the seating arrangements – has been…

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Why I could never be a tour guide

The tour of former Yugoslavia had a high concentration of quite odd people. You usually get one or two odd bods, but this one had seven or eight. The oddness of these people really brought home the fact that tour guides are very special people – saints – with infinite patience. I could never be one because I would want…

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