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Travelling Homebody's 5 favourite solo travel quotes

My 5 all-time favourite solo travel quotes (that will change your life)

I’m a big fan of inspirational quotes, especially inspirational quotes about solo travel. Here are my top 5 all-time favourite solo travel quotes. Make sure you share them! (Love these quotes? Grab them on a tee, tank or hoodie in Sisterhood of the Travelling Shirts. Links under each quote.) If you think travel is dangerous, try routine. It will kill…

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Another awesome travel tip from Travelling Homebody: use a transit hotel

Use a transit hotel #travel #tips

If you have a long stop-over, for example at Changi International Airport, Singapore, consider booking in at a transit hotel. You don’t need to leave the airport and you can have a shower, nap, swim, something to eat. At the very least, there are tea and coffee making facilities. You’ll arrive feeling much more refreshed. I always tend to stop…

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China 2011: highlights and lowlights

This tour of China has been just go, go, go. I have had no time to write or process what has happened, what I’ve seen, or how I’ve felt about the whole experience. So I will just pick out the lowlights and the highlights. Lowlights The flight to get to Beijing – I’ve written about how awful that experience was,…

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