The rain in Spain…

…falls mainly in Barcelona.

Well, it did while I was here, so I didn’t get to experience as much of this gorgeous city as I would have liked. Still, I saw enough to get a feel for it and know that I like it alot.

Bareclona is sandwiched in between mountains and the sea; it is a city that is renown for its arts and culture, and was home to Picasso and Gaudi. It has a very organic feel in terms of architecture; Gaudi’s work is a major influence on the city. Apparently, he took his inspiration form nature, and hence his work is curved and undulating, because there are no straight lines in nature.

The city has a gothic feel, which resonates throughout. It is clean, and bustling, and I was troubled by neither pickpockets nor gypsies. Buskers are everywhere, and they are talented. I saw and heard pan pipes and violins, opera and mime.

One thing I have noticed in every city I have ever been is that no matter how different they are, they are all the same. The cities of our world are filled with people just going about the business of living: shopping, working, getting haircuts, talking on mobile phones.

One travels to experience difference, but in many ways travel highlights our commonalities.

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