Three countries in three days

Today I visited two countries: Monaco and France. I woke up and looked out my window and had the lights of Monaco twinkling at me. Oh, wow. My tour bus wound its way through the streets of Monaco (and yes, we did drive on part of the Grand Prix circuit) and into France and the French Riviera. The scenery was stunning. Houses perched on cliff faces, million dollar villas occupied by celebrities, the sea a silver blue. I wandered through Nice and the Flower Market before having a cappuccino on the beach front. As you do.

Then we headed up to the mediaeval town of Eze, a fortress built high up on the cliffs above Nice. It was a gorgeous little town, with stairs and houses carved into the rock face. It was all windy steps and bleached stone. It caters to the tourist trade, but not in an “in your face way” like Asia. Subtle.

Yesterday, I went into Tuscany, and visited the village of Lari. Wandering around, I glimpsed village life: people just going about their business and probably thinking: why are all these strange people invading our village? Coincidentally, “Under The Tuscan Sun” was on TV last night. Our guide advised us that the movie (and the book it was based on) were filmed closer to Umbria than Tuscany.

Trust Hollywood to keep feeding us variations of the truth!

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