I found a tour for Vietnam

When I went to the Flight Centre, I originally asked about tours to Asia.  Susan advised me that she didn’t know of any (or words to that effect!).  Thank God for the internet!

I found Travel Indochina, and have contacted them about what tour are available for the dates I’ve chose.

For a newbie traveller, I like the idea of not having to think too much about things, and for that reason a tour seems like the best option.

Also, I am clueless about accommodation.  Trip Advisor is a gold mine of information, but because I don’t know the places at all, I feel like I’m flying blind.  A tour, on the other hand… well, I’m thinking the tour guide wouldn’t want to stay anywhere crappy!

I’ve emailed them my dates and preferred destination, and am waiting on the response with bated breath!

Please share!

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