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Travel resources

In order to travel safely, efficiently and cost effectively, you need decent travel resources. On this page you will find the travel resources that I use personally use and therefore can highly recommend. In the interests of transparency, some of these travel resources are affiliate links and I will make a commission if you purchase or making a booking using these links.

Travel resources: before you go

On The Go Tours

travelling homebody travel blogger on the go otg tours Once I decided group tours weren’t for me, I wanted to travel independently. But I’m not one of those people who likes to research destinations and accommodation and getting around.

My travel agent recommended On The Go Tours for my trip to Japan in 2014, and I couldn’t have been happier. They booked all my accommodation and travel, including my Japan Rail Pass and metro passes, and provided me with lots of info about each spot I visited and offered on-ground support in Japan if I got stuck. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

Travel Insurance

travelling homebody travel blogger travel insurance direct tid logo travel resourceAfter China in 2011 (shudders) when my “travel agent recommended” travel insurance (Covermore actually covered less) was measly paying out my claim, I researched travel insurance companies. Travel Insurance Direct (TID) came out on top with both price and paying out claims.

I’ve been using TID since 2012, and have only ever had to make one claim. They paid out practically the whole amount, minus $100 excess, which is awesome. Note: this is an affiliate link.


Travel resources: getting there


travelling homebody travel blogger singapore airlinesMy preferred airline for long haul travel is Singapore Airlines. Long haul travel is the pits, I don’t care what anyone says. Who wants to sit for 12 hours+ wedged into a sardine can?

But at least with Singapore Air, you can endure it in relative comfort. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive (not much, though), but it’s worth it. The stewards are pleasant, the food is excellent, the entertainment awesome. Blankets, pillows and care packages are provided. I always have a couple(!) of Singapore Slings to help me sleep. And Singapore Airport is THE BEST airport in the world, hands down.



travelling homebody travel blogger supermarttag logo travel resourceBecause I am paranoid about my luggage not turning up (thanks to Qantas and China) I have a tracking tag. SuperSmartTag allows me to upload my itinerary, including all accommodation details so that if my luggage is ever lost again, it can be shipped to me quickly and easily. I’ve never had a problem since China, touch wood.


Blue Ribbon Bags

travelling homebody travel blogger blue ribbon bags insurance travel resourceFor the cost of a large cup of coffee, I purchase extra bag insurance with Blue Ribbon Bags. Not only will they track and expedite bag delivery, but after 4 days of missing luggage, they’ll pay out at a minimum $1000. Sorry to be so paranoid about lost luggage but China and Qantas will do that to a girl. Have you ever—as a western woman—ever tried to buy clothes off-the-rack in Asia? I rest my case!


Travel resources: staying there


travelling homebody travel blogger logo travel resourceI know that people rave about using Airbnb (and I have used it on my travels) but I really like using It’s generally my first port of call whenever I need accommodation, even just to use it as a pricing guide.

It’s an incredibly detailed site, but still super easy to use. Best of all, I like the free cancellation option. Not that I’ve ever used it, mind you! And I’ve never had a review knocked back. Note: this is an affiliate link.


Travel resources: while you’re there


Pacsafetravelling homebody travel blogger pacsafe logo travel resource™ bags are awesome. That is all. They are anti-theft i.e. slash proof and pickpocket proof. I use the Metrosafe because it converts to a belt bag as well, but there is a bag to suit everyone’s requirements. I like that it as separate sections for thins like phone, passport, as well as a few zippered off compartments for things like ear buds. After travelling with lots of different types of bags, this is always my first choice.



travelling homebody travel bloggers multi-currency prepaid mastercardMy preferred card to travel with is the Multi-Currency Cash Passport Mastercard. I do also travel with my normal debit and credit cards, but they are back-ups only.

You can preload your card with the currency (travel tip: watch the exchange rates prior to loading) and also load it on the run (travel tip: your reload takes 48 hours to  hit your account). You are always supplied with two, which is handy if something happens to one of your cards.


 Password Management

travelling homebody travel blogger dashlane password managerThe day I downloaded Dashlane, my life changed for the better. Remembering a stack of passwords (and let’s face it, who ever has different passwords for different accounts?) is a thing of the past.

Now you only need one to remember one password. And you can change passwords for your accounts easily to make them super safe. And it keeps all my credit card and personal information e.g. my passport safe behind its encrypted walls. Note: this is an affiliate link.


Virtual Private Network

travelling homebody travel blogger pure vpn travel resourceIf you are travelling in China (or any communist country) you have to know about The Great Firewall of China. Basically, you can’t access western social media like Facebook or Twitter. You also know that it’s dancing with danger to access your bank account on public wifi, right? And how can you access Hulu and Netflix if you aren’t in the US? That’s where Pure VPN comes in. It can give you access to your social media accounts, protect you online and give you access to all the movies your eyeballs can stand. Note: this is an affiliate link.



I am one of the world’s laziest travellers — and by that I mean I don’t read the guide book cover to cover before I go to a destination. Of course, I have a rough idea of what I’d like to see and I often just book myself on a tour. Invariably, because I travel on my own and I don’t stay in hostels — not that there’s anything wrong with that — it’s a great way to meet people and see the sights. I use and recommend GetYourGuide — it’s the easiest way to get familiar with a particular location.  And you can book on your phone with their Android and iPhone apps. Note: this is an affiliate link.



Yes, I know people use Google Maps when they travel, but I love CityMaps2Go.  I used it in Japan when I had no access to data or GPS (because of the way their network is set up), and my map (which I had downloaded before I went and saved for offline) loaded with absolutely no dramas whatsoever. I have NEVER gotten lost using this app (and I am navigationally challenged at the best of times! Download the Android or iPhone app and see why I like it so much.

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