Travel like a local in Vietnam and Hanoi

Like a local: travel Vietnam and Hanoi

Travel in Vietnam and Hanoi like a local

If you want to travel Vietnam and Hanoi like local, this Insider Guide is for you. I’ve been in Hanoi for more than three years and have all the insider knowledge!

I have been based in Hanoi, Vietnam for more than three years — since November 2016. Over this time, I have amassed quite extensive insider knowledge about the ins and outs of travelling in this amazing country. This page brings together this useful information, which will help to travel here with the minimum of fuss — and therefore mazimise your enjoyment. The videos, photographs and podcast aims to inspire you to travel Vietnam if you haven’t already considered it.

Insider Guides

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Photographs of Vietnam

Cao Bang

Lunar New Year (Tet) in Hanoi

Videos of Hanoi

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Ladies of the Flower Market

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Feature image of West Lake, Hanoi taken by me.

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