Using the Indian Postal Service

Given that I don’t need my cool weather clothes because I’m now in the south of India, and I won’t be running, I decided to post these back items home. After all, why lug around extra kilograms of stuff that you(I) don’t need?

So Indira (my lovely guide) took me to the post office in Goa. It was a very efficient, quick and inexpensive process, despite the paperwork that needed to be completed. Firstly, though, my items had to be inspected before they were packed into boxes. Then I had to complete and sign a disclaimer and also provide copies of my passport and visa.

Once that was done, I paid my 2000 odd rupees and off my items went in their three boxes, complete with tracking code. I could have chosen express post, but I went with regular.

I wonder if they’ll beat me home?

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