Travel tips for Vietnam

I went to a Travel Indochina info session last night. I’ve already booked my trip, but I still wanted to hear what they had to say and glean as much info as I could – afterall, I’m off in 3 months!

The takeaways:

  • Travelling in spring/autumn is best as winters are very cold, and summers very hot.
  • Make sure I pack clothes suitable for wearing into temples i.e. 3/4 length sleeves or wraps to cover shoulders and pants past the knee.
  • The currency is dong and 12000 = $1 and can easily be changed at the airport on arrival.
  • See a travel doctor to check out what is needed in terms of vaccinations.
  • Be aware of pickpockets etc. and keep the wearing of jewellery to a minimum (plus it’s difficult to haggle when you are wearing big diamond earrings!) – exercise common sense.

I spoke to a lady who was sitting next to me who had already been and was going again next year. She also gave me some hot tips:

  • Save old clothes to take (or stock up at op shop). That way they can be ditched, without worrying about washing (my cousin said the same thing) – and plus it frees up room for shopping!
  • Take a heap of photocopies of your passport before you go. That way, instead of handing it over (which some hotels require) you can show the original and give them a photocopy.
  • She didn’t bother much with vaccinations (just got a tetanus update) and while she took malaria tablets, she forgot after 3 days. Her friends took them and experienced night terrors, which is a side effect.
  • Check flights back, as they can be changed. Confirm and organise boarding pass a day or so before.
  • You can buy power adaptors cheaply and easily, and practically anything else. Apparently, pens are hard to come by!
  • She also recommended checking out Luna Festivals, which are quite beautiful.

So keen now!

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