Where to from here?

I think that’s the question of the century!

I want to start off small, maybe just stick my toe in the water before I wade in up to my waist. I’d love to travel to Europe, and in particular Ireland. My ancestors were Irish potato farmers who emigrated to Australia during the Great Potato Famine.

So there is a natural curiosity there: is this where I came from? And do I fit in here?

But small first, and so Asia is probably a good starting point. Singapore maybe.

And I think I need a tour. Something like this one to Singapore.

On the other hand, isn’t travel about adventure? Testing the limits of self? Getting out of the comfort zone? Perhaps, I could organise it myself? Can I?

I’ll go and visit a travel agent tomorrow, and get some brochures. That’s a good first step.

Please share!

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