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Jabs: false alarm!

Didn’t get my jabs today. Got a prescription for them instead, and I now have vials of hepatitis A, cholera, typhoid, whooping cough and tetanus vaccines sitting in my refrigerator. Malaria pills are also an option, to be discussed when I go back for my shots later this week. My vaccinations cost me over $250 but in my opinion, that’s…

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New travel trip: declare!

Met some lovely ladies for lunch today, and was telling one (Caroline) about my impending trip to Vietnam. Caroline said that the I Don’t Have Anything To Declare line is always long. Really long! Caroline said what she does is picks something to declare e.g. chocolate and joins the I Do Have Something To Declare line, which is usually pretty…

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Travel tips for Vietnam

I went to a Travel Indochina info session last night. I’ve already booked my trip, but I still wanted to hear what they had to say and glean as much info as I could – afterall, I’m off in 3 months! The takeaways: Travelling in spring/autumn is best as winters are very cold, and summers very hot. Make sure I…

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