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Beating the lost luggage woes

My trip to China in 2011 flying Qantas had the effect, among other things, of making me quite paranoid about my luggage not arriving. Three days without your stuff is not pleasant. Last year I flew Singapore Airlines, and had no such drama (I’m flying with them again for this year’s trip). My bag arrived in Rome the same time…

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I’m leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow, I will be embarking on what – for some – is the trip of a lifetime. Five weeks in Europe. I’m excited, but I’m nervous. I have never been away from home this long (five weeks) and I’ve never been this far (I’ve been pretty much sticking to Asia). But being a Nervous Nellie is not a condition I…

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Qantas tries to put things right

Readers of this blog will know that I had an awful time getting to China via Qantas. I was particularly vocal on Twitter about my experience when I returned, because I felt that what happened just wasn’t taken seriously. However, after a staging what I call a Squeaky Wheel Campaign, I was contacted by the Social Media Manager of Qantas…

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