I’m on a schedule

I picked up my travel documents today from my travel agent today. Which means, of course, that I’m flying out in about eight days. And I’ll be out of the country (Australia, just in case anyone is wondering) for around seven weeks. And I’ll be gallivanting around eastern Europe.

As I was driving home from my travel agent’s (yes, I *know* I can get it cheaper if I do it myself!), I contemplated the thought that while I’m a very organised traveller, I’m also a bit “whatever/slap dash” with my travel plans.

Let me explain: I’m organised because I tend to book flights well in advance, know where I want to go, and the tour company who’s going to get me there. I pay well in advance to take advantage of early bird discounts to void the dreaded single supplement (one of the last bastions of discrimination, as far as I’m concerned). I have a spreadsheet with dates, costings and web links. I have a packing list, which I update after each trip. I know exactly where I’m sitting on the plane. I enter my entire trip into TripIt. See. Organised.

But I’m disorganised because I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing outside of my tours! For example, I’m in Ljubljana for four days before my tour starts and I always think I SHOULD go and see stuff that’s not covered on my tour. I’ve even got travel guides and maps loaded on my phone and tablet. I’ve checked Viator and I COULD do a range of things. I was the same in Hong Kong when I was there (although I pre-booked half day tours before I left Australia), and I’ll probably be the same in Singapore, when I stop for five days on the way back.

I think it’s because I’m inherently apathetic, which is why I like being on a tour, and why I am an excellent tour participant. I am never late, I listen attentively to our guides and follow instructions. I’m personable with other passengers and pleasant to be around. All I need to get the most out of my travel is a schedule, and one that has been prepared in advance for me by people who know what they’re doing!

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